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Playshop Qs

What ages do you consider to be baby? A Tot?

The baby playshops are created for infants to confident walkers. The toddler playshops are for confident walkers to 3 years old. If your child is on the cusp, reach out and we can discuss where they’ll have the best experience.


What’s the format of a playshop? What if I arrive late?

We begin with free play (sensory science toys such slinkies, sensory bottles, magnets etc) as families arrive. Then we 'clean up' and 'circle up' & sing our name song then begin story time. A late arrival won’t disrupt the class so if you are running late and would like to still come along, don't forget to sign in and join the fun. See below for cancellation policies.


What is the difference in the curriculum between the classes?

The baby playshop runs for 30 mins and the tot thru 3/ 3 yrs + up playshop runs for 45 mins. The baby class is focused on sensory play & parents/caregivers will be taking the lead with the hands-on experiments and activities. The toddler/bigger kid class is hands-on for both kids & grown ups. The tot thru 3 and 3 yrs + Up playshop involves a culminating group activity, craft or take-home project.


I have a toddler and a baby, which class should I come to?

I suggest bringing baby to the toddler/bigger kid class.


What do we bring/wear?

Just bring yourselves and keep in mind that science can be messy! We often experiment with water, vinegar, baking soda, paint etc. Packing a spare set of clothes just in case is a good idea. This is especially true of Backyard Science Baby.


Can I drop my child off and run an errand?

Sorry, no. Science Baby is family-centered learning and an adult or caregiver needs to be present and participating with their child for the entire class.


My child is sensitive to loud noises/some textures can they still attend?

Absolutely. If your child is sensitive to loud noises or other sensory input, such as the touch of certain textures please don't hesitate to reach out and we can discuss possible modifications. Science baby strives to be inclusive of all children, we want your child's experience the best possible.


What will my infant gain from a science class when they’re just learning to sit up?

Once our babies are born we sing them the ABCs and count 123s, why not expose them to science? Science Baby is science taught through story. Research has proven that reading to our children from birth increases early vocabulary, brain power, bonding and encourages an interest in reading as they grow. The subject of these stories are gravity, motion, light, colors and more. These are big concepts that are deconstructed with the help of illustrations, simple language, sensory activities and creative play with their peers. When children are exposed to science from a very young age they grow up knowing that science is apart of their lives and not just a phase, a subject or a birthday party theme.


​Sign up & payment Qs


Do I have to sign up or can I drop-in?

Please sign up online in advance. You can pay on the site or choose to pay cash at class. Playshops change weekly and each class requires lots of preparation and materials. First come, first served as space is limited. 


I have a class pack do I still need to sign up?

No. A class pack is 5 consecutive classes so I’ve tallied you in but please let me know that you will not be attending. 

What’s the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your spot up to 12 hours prior to class via email. If already paid online and cancelled prior to playshop, you can make up the class within a month of purchase.

How do I purchase a class pack?

Sign up online for the class you want to attend. Send a quick email and let me know you'd like a class pack (consecutive use/one make up class) and I’ll email an invoice and you can pay online. Venmo and PayPal options are still available.

The class is full, can I join the waitlist?

Yes. If you try to sign up and the class is full, you can send an email and I’ll add you to the waitlist. I’ll email you if/when a spot opens up.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes. Email for more information.

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