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Class Update:

Saturday at 10am Sesame Street is joining CNN for an hour-long Town Hall to 'help kids and families discuss racism and the protests taking place nationwide, build empathy, and embrace diversity'. This special, along with other protests and vigils that are happening around the country this weekend are the voices and community we need right now.

This week's Science Baby will not be a live zoom. Instead this class will be a video that you can watch at a time that works for you and 💯 of proceeds from this class rental will go to Groundswell, NYC.

This powerful description of Groundswell’s work comes from their website “... when the youth paint with the power of justice and equity in their every brushstroke, they learn the hands-on skills of mural-making as they transform walls and canvases into sites of public dialogue... But the conversation doesn’t end after the paint dries: each mural is an active invitation for community reflection. Through this process, we’ve seen again and again how public art can activate space and convert it into something extraordinary—inspiring revelation, hope, action, and change."

Read more about this incredible organization here and follow them here.

Science Baby is just me, Emma 👋and I want my families, caregivers and collaborators of color to know that I see you and I stand with you. I'm committed to being an anti-racist. I am listening, learning and unlearning. Black. Lives. Matter.


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