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Science Baby Saturdays: Oil and Water

Updated: May 3, 2020

Tomorrow we’ll be exploring oil and water! We'll read a story called "Cat & Mouse’s Amazing Deli & Grocery" and our puppet friends will visit and share the 'Words of the Day'. We'll experiment with oil and colored water and make a sensory bottle that can become a lava lamp. We'll sing, move our bodies and explore! Keep reading for materials and Zoom details.

If you'd like to explore along with me, here are some helpful materials:

For the oil and water marbling experiment, you will need:

- oil, water, food coloring or liquid water color, containers, spoons or droppers, paper (the stronger the better watercolor paper or card stock is great but copy paper will work too) and a sheet pan or tray.

For the sensory bottle/lava lamp, you will need:

- clear empty bottle with a lid, oil and water - salt or an alka seltzer tablet, paper towel, flash light or phone light.

Do all of it, some of it, none of it or save these activity for another time. No worries, just join me for a story and let’s explore together!

Click here to register for class.

Meeting ID:937-828-802

Password: 4ssFt


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