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Science Baby Videos

June 6th Science Baby Saturday is a fundraiser & 100% of proceeds will go to Groundswell NYC. 

Science Baby: Go, Slow, Stop!

Science Baby: Go, Slow, Stop!

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Go, Slow, Stop: Exploring how things move

Join me for a class about motion! We'll experiment with slowing down our cereal, meet a snail and make a climber.

Shelly, the garden snail's story about finally speeding up will guide our play. Although Science Baby was created with babies and toddlers in mind, online learning leans to an older crowd. This class will suit ages 2-4 yrs. 

Hey there parents, unfortunately I currently lack the bells and whistles of a great edit on this end and this class flies by. Either tune in for a story and save the experimenting for another day or please PAUSE me as you explore and regroup with your kids. The video runs about 18 minutes long however if you're exploring along it will likely end up around a 30 min experience. Any problems renting this video, click here and send me a message and I'll get on it!

About Groundswell

This powerful description of Groundswell’s work comes from their website “... when the youth paint with the power of justice and equity in their every brushstroke, they learn the hands-on skills of mural-making as they transform walls and canvases into sites of public dialogue... But the conversation doesn’t end after the paint dries: each mural is an active invitation for community reflection. Through this process, we’ve seen again and again how public art can activate space and convert it into something extraordinary—inspiring revelation, hope, action, and change."

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